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Weird crash.


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It's true that Express Animate has sometimes weird bugs and glitches, and an occasional tendency to crash. For me it seems to happen most when using masks. A saving grace (no pun intended) is that the crashed file is automatically saved so when you reload the program, you can rename it and carry on without losing work. I think if you are online a bug report is sent to NCH. I've managed to cut the amount this happens by making sure each vertex is selected (yellow box) before attempting to move the mask, or when using effects or feathered edges on the mask and moving too fast.

Another thing I have found is sometimes when scaling an object down to 0% you get strange behavior where a ghost shape can appear. I don't know if it's just me but a work around if it does happen is to advance one frame and set the lowest positive value (0.1) for the Scale property. Hide the ghost shape for the single frame by turning Opacity to 0 and then 100% for the 0.1 and the rest of the animation will appear as normal.

I wrote on another thread that I was unable to zoom v3.12 on my laptop (Windows 10) for the reason that the trackpad froze. I solved it with the purchase of a USB mouse complete with scrolling wheel, and now couldn't be happier.

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