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Compression/Decompression wave file to MP3


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Hello. Sorry to disturb you all. I hope to get your opinion. For your information, I have a Visual C++ 6.0 software to record and playback human speech. All the speech is recorded with sampling rate of 16kHz in wave file format. Each wave file size is 188kbytes. I have 20 wave files in each practice or each usage of software. And, I need to save all these 20 wave files into a single floppy disk (1.44 Mbytes).


Total size of 20 wave files = 20*188k = 3,760,000 bytes

Total floppy disk needed = (3,760,000)/1,440,000 = 2.6 floppy disks

But, I must save all the 20 wave files into a single floppy disk


I hope it can work like this: save the data as a wave file in the temporary directory and then convert wave file to MP3 file in your floppy disk. To load a file, convert the mp3 file to wave file in the temporary directory and then load the wave file to the memory.

Can this method enable me to save all 20 wave files in a single floppy disk?


I don’t know how to insert the encoding/decoding program codes into my current software without causing any new bugs.


Or, other than the MP3 compression method, do you have another method or idea of minimizing the size of each wave file? Please tell me.


Hope to hear you soon, thanks.

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