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3.10 release - what's new?


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I see the top menu bar has disappeared (File, Edit, Object, and Help menus) - that's OK, all of it is available through other controls and it adds a little more screen space. 

The online manual is currently missing (re-directs to the NCH home page) - hopefully a temporary measure.

The Save Video dialog has been significantly improved - separation of file and folder choices, more presets, extra options.

Has anybody spotted any other changes?

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Marquee selection for multiple vertices and Objects can now be scaled from each vertex (instead of opposites together). These are great for things such as quickly turning a rectangle into a rhombus or growing just one side.

V3.10 is swings and roundabouts for me, I was unable to export video from the previous version but this one is fine. Unfortunately I have a conflict of some sort when trying to zoom the canvas, the hand icon freezes and I'm stuck with just the visible part at whatever zoom I apply, which makes this version unusable except for the basics. I'm resorting to V2 on another PC to work on detail and then bringing the file to this one for rendering. I love Express Animate and what it can do yet find it frustrating there are these kinds of bugs and glitches. I do appreciate that it's free.

Many thanks to NCH for continuing to develop the program.

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