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Low sound quality


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Hello everyone,


VRS recording software seems to be exactly what we need - recording of various radiostations simultaneously. But I get really bad quality of records - withouth high frequencies, sounds like through a pillow. I tried the configuation Variable Bitrate - 320kbps as min and max, Quality - 0highest . but the recorded sound is still bad. AudioTime records just perfectly, absolutelly clear sound, but it hasn't many features of VRS.


My system PentiumIII 733MHz (yeah, old, but I tried on a new Pc with the same result), SB Live!, SB Audigy LX and 2x SB PCI 128. Windows 2000.


Can this software to record with a good quality, or its main purpose a phone calls and a quality isn't that important? What can I do to get a clear sound?


Thank you,



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