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Hi. I just purchased pixillion, thinking that I could change any jpeg picture into a png with a transparent background, but

I am finding it confusing, as its simply not converting any of my jpeg pictures to png. can anyone tell me how to do this?

thanks in advance.



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Follow the steps below to convert images:

1. To convert your image files into the desired format, begin by adding files into the file list window. Either click the Add File(s) button, or select File -> Add File(s) from the menu. You may also click the Add Folder button to add all image files contained in the specified folder

2. Near the bottom of the main window, there is a field labeled Output folder, where you can specify the file directory where converted files will be stored. You can either type in the desired folder, or you can click the Browse button below the field. Doing so will bring up a window where you can browse for the destination directory on your hard drive. The last several directories you have chosen in the past are stored in a drop-down list, and can be accessed by clicking the arrow on the right edge of the text field.

3. The field labeled Output Format is where you can select the desired output file format for your files.

4. Once you have set the output folder and format, you can then select the files from the list you want to convert, and either click the Convert button, or select File -> Convert from the menu. If you click the Convert button without any files selected, all files in the list will be converted by default. Any effects, options, output settings or list changes that occur during a conversion will affect future conversions and not the existing conversion.

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