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How to download the help PDF file.


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I want to download the PDF file for Express Animate. I'm on capped satellite service and have to do it between 2:00 am and 8:00 am. I saw the option earlier, but can't find it now. Great program. I'd like to see depth position, you know X, Y, and Z or 'send to back' 'bring to front'. But may already be there, just haven't found it yet.

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Hello OleSmokey,

I hope you find how to do what you want, the manual doesn't have much.

There is no shortcut for ordering objects (Send to Back, etc.) you do it by stacking them in the Composition panel, with the topmost object at the top. Moving objects in the Object panel doesn't affect stacking order, this is only in the Composition panel: click the name of the object you want to stack and drag it up or down above or below other objects.

If you have many objects it can help if you 'Collapse All Panels' by right clicking any object name in the Composition panel and selecting that option from the menu. You will easily see every object in the list and can then drag them up or down as you want.

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