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Hidden Maleware inside your software.


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I recently installed one of your programs. During the installer I was asked to install a multitude of other junk software. I of course said no, of course, to all these extras because these are usually unnecessary garbage. After the installation I found out you installed some of these extra anyway!!!!!


I then had to then go on a google search of how to get rid of this extra junk.


Here are two of MANY sites I found describing this issue in full.






Your developers should be ashamed of this. Its 2016. Stop adding maleware to seemingly reasonable software products.


I uninstalled your software and won't be purchasing more products from NCH.

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Thinking about buying Debut screen recorder, did some research and found lots of complaints about NCH hijacks and stealth installs, etc. An NCH page says "NCH Software has held its customers’ satisfaction as a top priority since 1993" but you have only to look through this forum to see that's not the case.


And what about this page? - http://www.makeuseof...oftware-remove/


Of course, all companies have to put up with a few malcontents sniping from the sidelines or from the cheap seats... but it seems to me NCH have a few questions to answer.

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