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DO NOT Bother with Conexant USB CX 9310 ACF Modem

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Judging that the newest responses in this forum are circa 2011, I hope someone somewhere gets some use from this post of mine.


Trying to setup Axon Virtual PBX v. 2.21. Software reports this modem will not work with it 1) Because it will not support 'automated voice' (whatever the hell that is) AND 2) it is not 100% TAPI compliant.


I'd sure appreciate it if SOMEONE from NCH patrolling these forums could actually state which specific modem(s) will work with their software and if any of them are USB 2.0. System is running Windows 7 Ulitimate 64 bit.



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Any Modem that is 100% TAPI compliant (which means it is a certify Voice Modem) will work along with Axon. The notifications you got refer to a Modem device that is not a Voice modem, unfortunately the software cannot be used on that particular model.


So the requirements are,


1. 100% TAPI compliant device.

2. A modem device compatible with your current OS (Windows 7 device drivers)

3. There are many modem device manufactures, please review the next link > http://www.nch.com.au/ivm/modems.html


Best regards,

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