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Attention Admin. or someone with ES experience


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History: I have used Express Scribe for years. It was always very easy to keep using it for free even with my foot pedal until a couple of years ago when the newer versions let you use it for a couple of days and then more recently a couple of files before asking you to buy. So I bought the software stupidly thinking that my $39.99 meant that I had a version I could use permanently. It seems that I was only able to use the paid version on that particular computer. When I tried using my registration code on my laptop I was denied. Since I no longer use that computer I have adapted to using the free version and using the Hot Keys on my keyboard along with an occasional reinstall that lets me download and type 5 files using my foot pedal. I am also unable to click on any of the upgrade options in the program. Nothing happens, at all, not even an error message.


Current: The only thing I need from the PRO edition is to be able to use my footpedal, the rest of the bells and whistles are useless to me. Stupidly trusting that I can use a program I pay for has not worked for me so far and before I spend ANOTHER $39.99:

-Can I use my registration code on both my laptop and my desktop?

-Is there a version that does NOT have all the bells and whistles but will let me use my Infinity USB footpedal?


One other thing... I have seen posters include links to sites where they "think" others can download links to older versions of ES. PLEASE DON'T RESPOND HERE!!! I have tried the links you have posted and they are no longer useable!!!


Thanks in advance to anyone that can offer some useful input!!



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I would like to clarify that my experice is NOT an assumption... everything I outlined is actually what happened... including trying following links, that no longer work, provided by another user for older versions...


The email you sent and the link included there has COMPLETELY resolved the issues I have been contending with for over a year.


Thank you, in all sincerity,



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