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Can I import settings from a previous Fling setup?


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I recently had to rebuild my (PC) laptop with a new hard drive. I've saved all my old data and the old hard drive is still working.

Is there a way to import (or copy) all my Fling account settings (FTP addresses) into the version I loaded onto my new hard drive?

I have dozens of different FTP folders with different settings and would love to avoid having to re-enter all the info by hand.


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For the benefit of others looking for a solution (as there are two similar questions here).

Use Regedit to export HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\NCH Software\Fling\Accounts as a .reg file.

Install Fling on your new machine, double-click the .reg file to import and then start the software. Your settings will have been transferred.

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