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Dear NCH Software, on the Express Animate front page, it mentions "Create animated text and text bubbles".


Just a point of clarification - do the "text bubbles" refer to custom shapes and/or modified ellipses (I'm OK with that), or is there another option somewhere that I've missed?


Thanks for listening!


And thank you for a fun little animation program to play with and recommend as a freebie!

I like the interface and implementation, more so as I play with it - great context-sensitive tips in the status bar down the bottom.

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Yes, I've played with the (rather nice) Text tool, it was the text bubbles that intrigued me, as I dabble in static and animated cartooning.

Possibly my interpretation differs from that of the person who wrote that. I can use a modified ellipse and use it as a text parent, I was just wondering if I'd missed something for cartoony text bubbles (callout-style).


Thanks for listening!

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