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Rounding Problem


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Hi, I am testing the software for a Meat Store and the rounding feature is not working,

I had configured Rounding Settings as following: Round all Payment Types, Rounding Interval: $1.00, Always round up to the next higher interval.

My Regional Setting are: Current Order: $18.00, Current Digits:$18.00, Number of Decimal Places for Quantity: 3.


For Example: Customer wants a piece of Pork, its weight was 0.365 kg, the price of this piece is $76.00 kg (Unit Value). So when I select the item with correct weight 0.365 (Qty) it shows in “Line Total” $27.72 and in “Total” $27.72. Should show $28.00 on both fields.


Do anyone can help me on this??





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