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Keeping Express Scribe On Top of Windows


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I just found a great little free program I downloaded from Cnet.com called Stay on Top. I have been using Express Scribe for years in my home word processing and paralegal business. I am using Windows 7. I have been bothered lately because I have to keep switching between windows, from Word back to Express Scribe, to get it to work sometimes -- like I stop it for a minute while I type, then when I press down on the foot pedal, it will not start again, unless I switch to the Express Scribe screen -- not always, but often. I can't tell you what a difference it has made to be able to keep Express Scribe on top as a smaller window. I am not having that problem anymore, and also I think the typing is going faster. I was feeling a lag before, like the typing could not keep up while I was listening at the same time. It seems like having Express Scribe on top of Word has corrected this problem also. I felt a little more secure downloading this program from cnet.com. Just wanted to put this out there in case it helps someone.

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