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Linked/Embedded control

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I am new to Stanp ID3. Have found it to be an easy way to tag music files and folders.


I am bothered by the Image control. When the control shows Linked, Stamp creates a .jpg file [cover art] in the folder for a CD.




When the control shows Embedded, Stamp does not create the .jpg file within the music folder.



Isn't this operation backwards? Or am I missing something?



PS Looks like the snippets that I put in are not being saved.

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Linked puts a file in the folder/ Embedded puts it onto the actual music file/files themselves. See, a music file (excluding like MP4 types) isn't made to insert pictures, so it uses code at the end of the music file and translates it as a picture- though that was never intended when the music file type was first created- hence the newer MP4 and those types of files. For me, and to make it easier and more compatible- if you plan on using a Media Center(iTunes, Musicbee,  etc..) It's best to keep all of your album art in a folder and to Link the art to the folder(Full album) and then embed it after.(Ctrl+A chooses all files) 

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