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Very poor audio quality when loading in Express Scribe


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I have recently purchased Express Scribe pro. I tried the free edition and everything was working fine, but now when I load dictation files, I have a huge problem with the sound. The quality drops quite dramatically, when it plays much, much better in Media Player, for instance and that has happened a considerable number of times now, not with one or two files.


Does anybody else have the same problem? If it plays quite well in Media Player or other players, why does it drop so drastically and how do I fix that? This is rather urgent btw...Has anybody else have had problems with that?


Thank you.

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Yes, I have had the same problem.... can play the files on media player, etc... they sound great. but audio quality on Express Scribe is poor.. Would like to find out why that is.. Can't fix it. Sorry I just saw your post. Just joined tonight. I have Express Scribe Pro also.

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It's mid- 2015 and still NCH has not done anything about this. Audio quality is remarkably and noticeably bad compared to what you hear in Windows Media Player and background noise also is quite loud, making it very hard to understand.


Any one had success solving this by playing with ES settings like the noise decibel bars settings and other settings any expert with the software may suggest.


I am using for transcribing notes and the poor audio quality simply, makes it unusable, let alone upgrade to pro version.


Stafff, anyone ? Pls help.




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Hello, some of our users with a similar issue have successfully fixed this issue in Win10 with one of the following:

1. Uninstalling and reinstalling

2. Disabling the sound driver in the device manager, restarting the computer, and reenabling the driver

3. Using an alternate headphone jack (desktop)

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Solution: in my case, convert .m4a (output file type for iPhone voice memos) to .mp3 before loading in Express Scribe.  I used NCH's free Switch application.

Background: Hi, I used Express Scribe successfully many years ago. Recently, upon installing in my MacBook (OS 10.14.4) and loading an .m4a file, the playback was extremely distorted. 

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