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hello all

i just purchased the master's version of wavepad, thinking it would completely solve all my problems.


up until recently i was using a pc laptop with sound forge as my editor. since switching to mac, the only editing software people would recommend, without spending loads, was audacity. i really don't like audacity, so when i saw wavepad was much easier to use and if purchased, could also utilize the plugins i already have, i was sold.


and since buying and registering my copy, i have not been able to find a way to access or use these plugins with wavepad! they work with audacity, they work with ableton live...

i'm not even getting the option to use them in the effects drop down menu.


any help would be fantastic, as i wrote to nch 2 days ago when i found this problem and still have received no reply....


very best


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Guest Alex Chapman

Hi Simon,


Unfortunately WavePad for Mac doesn't yet support VST plugins. This feature is only available on WavePad for Windows.



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