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Using debut to record ooVoo (video conferencing software) conversation

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oovoo is a video conferencing software.


I am having problems recording the audio. The video is fine, but I can't seem to get the audio recorded correctly.

The first time I tried recording on the computer I was using oovoo with and it only recorded from my mic, none of the others audio was recorded.

The second time I tried, I used a separate computer to use oovoo and have my conversation, and another computer to record the conversation... and this time the audio was just a mess completely. It was very very low, so I couldn't even hear it and no way to turn it up.


How can I fix this problem? Can I use oovoo and record on the same computer I am recording. Do I need to change settings? Do I need to run a cord from the headphone plug into the input plug?


Most of the help on this subject in the help section is for windows and I am using Debut on mac.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks

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