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Recordpad Wav file missing over half the audio, please help.


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I have recorded over 5 hours of audio with recordpad, using PCM uncompressed 48000hz 32bit Stereo Wave format. I'm using Recordpad 3.03.


The file is only allowing access to just over the first 2 hours of the file, it definitely recorded it.. the filesize is over 6 gigs, in comparison to other recordings I've done it's about consistant with over 5 hours. (Another one with the same settings was about 3 gigs for around 2 hours..)


If I view the file in the recordings tab it says the audio is 2.7 gigs and just over 2 hours... but in the folder it is definitely over 6 gigs and should be over 5 hours.


I'm losing my mind here, is this some kind of file corruption? How can I go about saving my audio?

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