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Unlinked audio clips are suddenly empty


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I moved my VideoPad installation to a new computer, and then opened a project on the new computer.


At first, it could not find my media files, because the new computer has a different directory structure. Once I corrected the file locations, all of my media files fell into place.


The only remaining problem is that all of the audio tracks that were unlinked from video files are suddenly empty. They haven't disappeared completely; they are still in the right places and have all of their fade points intact. But they are mute and don't have any of the sound level lines appearing in them any more (not sure what those marks are called).


Any idea how I can restore these without having to start over from scratch?



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Solved the issue!


Apparently, the audio tracks get saved by their directories and correcting the locations in the media list in VideoPad doesn't update the references within the timeline for those tracks.


I opened the .vpj file in Wordpad and found all of the instances of the old directory, then did a simple "find & replace" to fix them.


When I reopened the file in VP, all was back the way it should be.

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