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bioacoustics use?

Guest alan_k

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Hi- I'm a biologist working on bird sounds. I will be recording in an array of 24 mono mikes (24 channels). We have some mac software and mixers that can record with this setup (16 bit, 44.1 khz), but for various reasons we need to then analyze these recordings quickly, and are looking for other sound capture programs that might make file management easier.


Some questions:


Has anyone used a VRS outdoors? It won't be getting rained on, but will be below freezing.


Does the VRS support firewire input?


Does it export either .wav format or .aif format?


Is there time code stored with the file, or is it only stored in the file name?


In continuous record mode, what is the shortest file length available?


If it looks promising, I may download the demo.





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