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Waiting message in Record Pad

Guest willie

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I am trying to record a cassette tape to a wav file for burning to a CD. I have followed the steps listed in FAQ. After I press the Record button I receive a Waiting message in the Record Pad window. The green voice activation bar shows activity, but there is no recording after I stop the recording and play the file. Upon viewing the file there is 0 KB. So what am I not doing or setting up correctly? Here are my settings -

Record Device: [Default Sound in] or SigmaTel Audio

Input Channel: Windows Record Mixer



Thanks for any assitance.

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Hi, try to lower the voice activated level (can be accessed from Settings->Record page).


When RecordPad displays "Waiting" that means it is waiting for the audio input. You have the voice activated level set too high so RecordPad cannot receive any audio input.

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The input channel should be: Line in. If you then open the windows record mixer, there are two options, one for recording, there you also have to choose Line in.

Hope this helps,



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