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No video after converting


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I am trying to convert avi files to WMV. the avi files play fine with VLC, but when I try to convert them with Prism, the player opens and the curser moves along but the screen is white, no video at all. Same thing when I tried MOV. I tried downloading the freeware codecs that Prism recommended for this problem, after doing that Windows would just crash every time I opened my video folder, so I had to uninstall that.


Then I sent the avi to someone who has the paid version of Prism, they were able to convert the same files to WMV and MOV with no problems.


I am using the trial version, but I will gladly get the paid version if I could be sure it would work. The only other thing that I can see might be my version of Windows, 2005 Media Center. The other person is running Windows 7 I believe.


So do you think the paid version will do it, or do I need to upgrade my OS?


I also have a Mac running OS 10.5, maybe I can use that?



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