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Shared shortcuts


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1. I've purchased several copies of this version and of previous versions.

2. I've purchased it under the business license

3. I'm trying to use shared shortcuts.

4. I saved my shortcuts to a shared location on my network.

5. I set all my Fastfox installations to "shared shortcuts" and "shared shortcuts overrides personal" and I linked the shared shortcut file.

6. I created a shared shortcut.

7. My expectation is that this new shared shortcut should be visible on all my computers set to shared shortcuts.

8. That is not the case. Even restarting Fastfox does not sync the shared shortcuts.

9. I have to manually "load' shortcuts from the shared folder on the network.

10. That is no different from the personal versions, in fact that is the way I've done it previously.

11. There is nill information (very little) in the help files or the forum of how to fully manage and implement and manage shared shortcuts.

12. I'm sure this is a bug because I can not see the difference between the home and business license in automatic syncing is not the standard.


I run machines in Windows XR, Windows 7.


Am I doing something incorrect?

How can I resolve my problem?

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