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Sip trunking vs dedicate line


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Ok so I have a set up an IVM sequence on my trusty desktop server nothing technical just a few ogms and mailboxs to take messages from my gentlemem clients etc and wish to have the system avaiable to be called from uk landlines BUT I wish to gate from VOIP and have as many concurrant / multiple 'lines' / call handling as possible, does that make sense?


I've spoken to a BT sales rep and he has been trying to sell me a dedicated line and hasnt got back to me yet although i've since seen that this is very expensive, presumably the solution that I really need is an SIP trunk on a regular business line and that can give me multple call handling? If this is correct can anyone recommend any good providers in the uk abit more knowledge than nch has provided in affiliate links on the subject? seems the usuall cost per channel (trunk?) is around £5 a month, does anyone know of providers who do better bulk deals / intellegent scalability; automatic extra trunks on demand? many thanks for your kind help Sarah x

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