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How to Show Expenses on VAT Report


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When I choose to do a vat report, the totals are zero for expenses?


How do i get an expenses total please?









I assume you have used the Tax tab found in the Options button / icon to set up the Vat Tax ?

In the list of accounts found at the Accounts tab which is in the Options button / icon -- in the chart of Accounts or List of the accounts is there a listing for VAT Tax ?

On the home screen on the left in the quick launch links (blue) look for view journal > in the journal window look for accounts: in the drop down menu will be a list of your accounts, if the VAT Tax is there select it + be sure to select the start & end dates. Select Report near the top of the window > from the drop down menu select save as csv. > give file a name Vat Tax > hit save. This should save/export the VAT Tax data as an excel file which you then can total up, filter the results etc.


BELOW is from the Help section of Express Accounts ver 3.30

Options ~ Tax

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Help v 3.30



This page is used to configure any sales tax, GST or VAT rates which are applied.

Sales Tax System


This is where you select if sales tax applies in your state or country and whether there are 1, 2 or 3 rates.


Tax Rates


Tax Name:


Enter the name that the tax is called in your state or country (eg. Sales Tax, GST, VAT etc).


Tax Rate (percent):


Enter the default tax rate.


Tax Name 2:


This is where you have a second rate of tax. Note that the rates are not cumulative. So if the rates should both apply Rate 2 should be the dual rate.


Tax Name 3:


This is where you have a third rate of tax. Note that the rates are not cumulative. So if the rates should all apply, Rate 3 should be the combined triple rate.


Tax Options


By default items have this tax rate:


Any new item will have this rate selected by default.


Item prices are tax inclusive (presumed to already include tax)


If this is ticked all items subject to tax will be priced and displayed as being tax inclusive.


By default new customers are tax exempt


If ticked any new customers will be marked as tax exempt (so no sales tax will be applied). Use this if you mainly export.

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