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FlexiStation for Intel Macs? (newer than 2005 models)


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Since 2005 Apple has been shipping Macs that use Intel CPUs in place of the older PowerPC models. Since then, all newer Macs have been able to run PowerPC binaries transparently via emulation. However, the latest version of Mac OS X (Lion), drops Power PC support as it is now 64bit pure.


When I try to launch the latest (1.7) version of FlexiStation on Lion, I cannot because the OS claims it is a PowerPC-only binary (not a Universal PPC&Intel not an Intel binary).


Where can I obtain an Intel version of FlexiStation? (and why wasn't it being distributed as a universal binary years ago??)




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So, I managed to find a different download link for FlexiStation for Mac, that had a "-i" suffix in the link. That is indeed an Intel binary and I can run it.


Unfortunately, this version (also 1.7) can connect and run, but crashes after a short time (variable, anywhere from 1-10mins). Hence, I'm still unable to use it.




btw - I am a software engineer - I'd be happy to sign an NDA and get the source code and track down the problem myself!




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