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Newbie question


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I have made my first movie :) It is perfect in preview, a mixture of videos and pictures with each one blending with either fade or other transitions (I am very proud of myself, even have good music background and clipped the videos where I needed them etc).


I can save the movie in various formats - all save fine.


I am running the 2.41 version.


The problem arises when I view the movie (in any format, whether it be avi mpg etc and on realplayer or windows player etc) - in that the first image appears then I get a few seconds missing - blank black screen - but the music still plays then another portion is missing until the rest of the movie kicks in.


I wonder if anyone has any ideas?


I have included the link to the movie (I hope that is allowed, in case anyone can see where I am going wring - there is no way I can upload the project as the files accumulate over 250mb of images and video).


Many thanks in advance




Link to movie with my problems :)

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