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Saving A File


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Hi Guys


Hey NCH - I realize you are just introducing and developing your product. I bought a copy because I like the idea and because it gives me the ability to use a foot pedal, a feature that just is stunningly absent from other computer file players. It is incredibly annoying and diusruptive to have to put the pick down, use the mouse to rewind and hope I find what I want to hear again, and then pick up the pick and wait for the part to come around again. So Kudos for getting that right. I bought an Infinity 2.0 USB pedal and after figuring out the driver situation (no small feat and I am a lifelong PC engineer...) I have this ready to go and I am enjoying the foot pedal control.


However - the file conversion process that TwelveKeys does opening a file is annoying as hell, and then to not be able to save it and have to go through that very slow process every time I want to work on that piece (and I have a very fast PC) is painful to no end. Cmon - we have to be able to save a converted file in the format that TwelveKeys needs to access it quickly. Its a must. Unless I am wrong its not there. I tried buying and using your Switch product to change the format to wav 16k as you suggest but it makes very little difference in the time it takes to open the wav file.


The piano roll thing is nice I guess, but as a musician of 45 years I am not using that feature at all. I can figure out the notes, most players can. Its the repeat of quicker parts so that I can hear what the original player is doing that is the need. I guess being able to slow down the tempo helps to a limited degree as well - I have that feature on many programs, including Pro Tools, but it is not all that useful. Take some of the wasted energy away from the piano roll development and other tricks and put it into file management and most importantly file saving. That is critical IMHO.


Thanks - eagerly waiting for your response.



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My computer is a bit of a dinosaur now, so took some time to load my first file. The first thing I was looking for was how to save the analysis


It does strike me that that would be usefull


I'm not quite sure what this program will do yet, but am very hopefull! :)

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