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Capture - failed to record to c:\videos\test - 0001.mp4


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I've had a Pinnacle 510 for many many years and had Pinnacle Studio 10 and then later Studio 15 installed on my HP Pavillion Laptop which just overheated and got fried (defective motherboard). I don't have my Pinnacle Studio CDs any more but downloaded VideoPad, hooked up my Pinnacle 510 and DV camcorder but selecting Capture in VideoPad am getting the error "Failed to record to c:\Videos\Test - 0001.mp4" I thought that it might be the blanks in the file name that VideoPad is generating but checking in my c:\Videos folder it is creating the Test - 001.mp4 file, it's 1K.


The pinnacle 510 device driver did install ok on the computer that I'm now trying to get ready and in VideoPad the Capture from is set to Pinnacle 510-USB. Any help on why the capture is failing immediately on the failed to record error would be greatful.


Thank you !!

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