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Windows 7 64 Bit Virtual Machine.

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I have been using a licensed copy of Express Rip on Windows XP for many years. Love it.

I just changed to a new Windows 7 64 Bit Virtual Machine on a Windows 7 64 Bit OS Dell Precision M6500.


I installed as usual, started up Express Rip Version 1.81 and when I put in my audio CD, it says Loading CD Information (Not Responding) and it locks up tight. So tight, I can't even kill it with the task manager. I have to shut down my virtual machine and even then it is still locked. I have to power it off (which makes it all very unhappy). I have tried this 5 or six times with the same results.


This is the latest download from NCH website and is unlicensed (I wanted to make sure it worked on Windows 7 VM box before I bought a new license.)


Oh BTW, iTunes sees the CD and gets all the tracks right off the bat. So its not my CD player or internet connection. And I shut down iTunes so it wouldn't interfere with Express Rip before started Express Rip.


Any Suggestions?



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