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after 14 days...


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I downloaded v2.30 just now from Softpedia where they check their downloads, give details, etc. They say that v2.30, after 14 days, limits export formats available.


NCH says the same, as well as no plugins. I think, nothing is very clear from NCH.


Some recent posts here on the forum suggest that the whole thing just dies after 14 days! So what is the truth?


Does anyone know? I'm sure people do. It's so confusing. Pro edition, Master edition, Home edition.


Do I have to be connected to the internet to **USE** VideoPad on a daily basis? (I understand I do when registering/activating, and for help pages - it makes no sense to me the need to be online during the registration phase, when you are typing in the registration codes they have already given you into the software)


So, what happens to v2.30 after 14 days ???

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Program works as "Unlicensed basic version". You can use it as before with one video+audio track and two sound tracks and overlay track.

You cannot save as mpg but as avi and wmv. And you can burn it as DVD, but not save as DVD image.

I think this is ok.

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Guest StephanieJ

Thank you for using the NCH Forum and for sharing your issues. All NCH Software products are available for a 14 day free trial period. The application is full featured and only limited by example: the number of companies you can create, the number of DVD's that can be burnt at one time, the number of FTP sites you can create, no plugin's etc. After your 14 day trial period you may purchase the product, you can uninstall the product or some products (no all) have a downgrade free version. If you do not select any of the options, then NCH Software keeps reminding you that your trial period has expired. Once you pick one of the 3 options then the message goes away. Also NCH Software products do require activating a 12 digit serial number that comes with the product. In the retail box, it is posted on a slip of paper in the box along with a support number. If you purchase on line then when you submit your payment, a screen appears with your registration information. I usually suggest people to print that page and save. You will also be sent an e-mail with the same information for your records. To activate your product go to: http://www.nch.com.au/activate and enter your 12 digit number along with your your name, e-mail address and home address. Once you activate your product you will given registration information that needs to be entered into your PC. You do not have to be on line to enter your registration information but you do need to be on line to activate your product. Activation can be done from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

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Thanks for both. Clear now. The cheaper "home" edition suits my needs nicely. I'm not online all the time and just didn't want to get trapped into software that didn't work on a daily basis offline.


Appreciate you both.

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