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Marking and moving sound clips


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I have a problem using sound clips. If I have a overlay sound clip that has nothing on it's left and nothing on it's right side, so it is a free positioned clip.

During marking this clip (click on it) it is normal that the mouse is moved a litte bit. I think no body can click on a mouse key without a small move of the mouse during this action.

The result is that the clip is moved this small amount of mouse moving.

So I think this should be working as following: Clicking on a clip should only mark it. For moving there should be a second click (with follwed move) on the marked clip. Only marked clipped should be allowed to move.

Is there a workaround for this problem ?



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Normally just left clicking the clip to select it, will not make it move.... but a second click may.

So should it be, but I click only one time. Clip is selected and moved, because change of selection and moving is procesed by the program in one step.

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