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vidio file not uploading

Pete Russ

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Can anyone assist me with the problem i have,


When i open my project it updates the cache files uploads to the time line along with nerration, transitions and vidio, but when i play the project the sound is o.k. but the vidio shows "Building Preview" "please wait" but it dosen't build the preview. and i can't see the vidio to do any minor tweeking.


Any ideas. Regards, Russ

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I am having the same problem. Video of the file does not download yet sound does. Jerry



I think i have found a solution (Not a cure) by altering the frame time by 0.1 of a second the frame reset its self and loaded this been doing every frame individually. bit of a pain, but its better than loosing all that work. by doing that i have managed to get my movie onto disc.



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