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Text Size in VideoPad


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Only using Free version 2.12 which hasn't got the overlay function. In my version there is a list of font sizes available under the Font option. As you have the overlay option I think you can zoom the text to the size you want. I think you can click it and then drag the corners of the text box out to where you want. (But only used V2.22 once)

Perhaps someone else can post an answer if I am wrong----and I probably am :( .




Oops!! I am an idiot :D

Add Overly Text box has a scroll down then you can scroll and see there more options including Resizing Text or changing its position!!

Sorry for my stupid post :)

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Not at all. :) Got to start somewhere.

BTW, In the versions with the overlay feature, although you can resize/zoom scroll and position your text, it's not possible to fade out/fade in your titles.


Fading (dissolving) in/out is possible in the earlier free version.




Oh! Seems interesting!

You mean that earlier free version are better than new ones? Does it mean that newer free versions have nothing useful but some more limitations?

If YES, which version you suggest?


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