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no sound during recording + fps problem


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Not a whizkid not a novice. Using downloaded version of Golden Video b4 I buy. H ave done a number of vhs to dvd convertions using other programs, but picked up problems after a while.Must say I am mighty impressed wirh Golden Video. 2 teething problems though- (1) during playback I have sound but not during recording . It is imperitive to have sound( converting music videos) for obvious reasons.(2) fps -totally crazy!Preset @25fps but during recording drops to 4-9fps! Resulting in app. 300 dropped fremes whithin 30 seconds! This obviously looks like a dog's breakfast. Help urgently needed. Many thanks


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I'm having the same problem. My system is Windows XP based and I'm using a USB device ex Kaiser Baas to control the video/sound flow from VHS player to system. My problems are no sound on recoding phase although it is there on playback, and the dropped frames count is horrendous making the resultant video file unusable. I was using a version of Cyberlink Power Producer V3 which was perfect but it has somehow been corrupted.

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