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problem with Golden Records and iTunes


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I purchased GR, some weeks ago but did'nt tried to seriously record music until recently. However, a bizarre problem surfaced: no matter how I tried, (i. e. Phono to computer, via preamp, checking and unchecking every configurable recording option) the result is always the same: the recording sounds good when playback in GR, but horribly too loud ans distorted when imported in iTunes. Importing music from any other sources than GR (a CD, a purchased MP3 etc) is excellent. I really dont get it. I was previously using Spin Doctor, but was unable to run in with Snow Leopard (or Leopard, for that matter). So I figured that GR would be a viable choice. But I'm stuck with this problem.

I'm using a 2 GHZ Macbook with a sound input, and tried to lower the input volume to the minimum. THe input level when recording with GR is lowered, but the output in iTunes is still horrible.




Vinyl Maniac

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