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single folder, multiple fling destinations


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I've setup a single folder to upload via fling to 3 destinations via ftp. One setup uploads daily, one weekly, the last monthly. The weekly and monthly destinations preserve older copies. It's a simple alternative to complex versioning systems.


Can fling keep track of changes to a file for 3 distinct fling folders?

Is this setup likely to hit any snags?

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The property setups are for each "destination" so they should all work independently of each other - one doesn't care what the other is doing so you should not have any problems unless there were file access conflicts or some other unforeseen result. Have you tested? You should be able to test your theory for 1,2, and 3 hours and then extrapolate to your more extended scanning setup. Fling comes with a 14 day free trial.



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It doesn't seem to work as expected. For example, the monthly destination folder

- shows last update 2010-10-31

- but has uploaded files modified in November (incl yesterday)


The settings are correct:

- Scan Folder for changes

- Scan at Preset Interval - 32000 min (max)


Local Folder:



Remote Folders:





Any suggestions?

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