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IP connection inside LAN not working


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I simply need a way to have a quick word with my wife who is downstairs just a few times a day. This looks like the perfect solution. However, I don't want to use a PBX, and I don't want anything from the internet getting through.


The description of the product before download indicates that this is very doable. The setup wizard makes it sound like you should be able to do that by assigning static IPs (which we have). The problem seems to be how to "call" an IP inside your LAN without using a SIP Address (which the setup wizard said you can do).


The address book does not let me attach an IP address to an entry. It wants the SIP address. The setup wizard said to leave the SIP Server Blank and use "Anything" for the SIP Address if you were going to use static IP addresses. So, this is what I did.


How do I configure the address book entry with a Static IP address, so I can call a computer on my LAN?


The firewall has port 5060 open (listening port). Because I don't want to go out on the internet, I have not opened port 5070 on the router. I don't want anyone to be able to call us from the internet, and I don't want to call out to the internet. Just a private little setup INSIDE our network at home.


Can someone please show me the light, help me get this working :blink::)


Thanks so much!

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