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I have downloaded the free version of Verbose and want to use text to speech.

I know how to copy to clipboard and have Verbose read it.

What I would like to do is take Verbose to word document file. This way when I do not like what I hear I can stop it and correct my document.

When I copy document to clipboard and then copy it into Verbose, if I want to change anything I have to leave Verbose, go into my document, alter it, then copy it back to Verbose to hear if it sounds better. I am talking about a very large document thousands of words long, so I take only a few hundred words at a time to work on in the clipboard method.

Thank you.

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Guest N_C_H_KH

If I understand you correctly, you want to copy what is in Verbose's main window to Word and back -


You can edit in Verbose's main window and re-synthesize the audio directly without leaving Verbose to change the text and re-paste.....

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