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Bing noise on changing tracks


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I have been evaluating Golden Records, with a view to transferring some of my vinyl to hard disc (I have a Microsoft Media Center).


I have my stereo system plugged into the computer via line out on the stereo connected to line in on the computer. This means that the only available recording channel is the stereo mix from the sound card (unlike the microphone input, the line input is not available as a separate recording channel).


When Golden Records detects an inter-track gap, it outputs a "bing" noise, which therefore gets recorded into the track.


This is not good! Is there an easy way to turn it off?


The alternative would be to plug the amp into the microphone input, but my vague memories from when I used to know something about hi-fi tell me that would produce an impedance mismatch, and would not give very good sound. Are my memories correct, or does this not apply to computer sound cards?

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