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Adding Chapters to Edited Video Files


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I am a new user and have been examining the suite of applications for CD and DVD burning. I have successfully used NCH Express Burn to create audio CDs and Video DVDs. However when the video file I wish to convert to a DVD is too large for a single DVD disk, I must split the video file into smaller segments each of which may be burned to a DVD disk. I have used NCH Video Pad Editor to split the larger video file into two segments and can select the Create Movie option to burn each segment to a DVD video disk. However, in Video Pad Editor, I see no provision for adding chapters to the DVD video disk to be burned for each segment.


Is there a way to add chapters in the Video Pad Editor? Or, is it possible to transfer the newly created segments to the NCH Express Burner where chapters may be created prior to burning the video DVD? I suspect that there must be a way to do this in the fine suite of NCH software. Any help here would be much appreciated.



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