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Launching an External .exe in version 1.46


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I have been using Debut for screen capture for the last 8 months. It's a great app.


However, in version 1.46 I have noticed the removal of the entire "Transmit" tab in the "Options" dialogue section.


I need to know if the transmit options are still available, and if so how can I find them. The main function I was using was the checkbox for launching an external .exe once debut finished recording. I was actually building an app of my own to work specifically with that function of Debut, but now that function seems to be gone.


This link still says it's possible, but I just need to know how. Link: www.nchsoftware.com/capture/


If the option has been removed, I would appreciate knowing why, and if there is any way to bring it back. It was an essential aspect of this software for my university, but now it's just gone.


I would appreciate any input from anyone who knows how to access this functionality with the current version.


Thank in advance,


Phillip Coffman

Central Michigan University

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