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Count them Cuts!


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A way to tell in advance of conditions under which auto-split won't work. When you place your record on the


turntable count the number of separated "cuts" and compare this to the number of tunes listed on the record


jacket (or record label). If they don't match, you may find that the record maker has combined related tunes


into a single cut. An example is a listing:

A James Bond Suite:

James Bond Theme from "Dr. No"

From Russia With Love



Counting the cut separations, It came clear that the "Suite" of three songs was all contained in one cut. I


could then label the resulting file as "James Bond Movie Themes", however if I want the songs separated by


individual title auto-split should be turned off prior to the recording session, and the three songs manually


split into separate files.


Counting the "cuts" allows you to pre-plan your recording session strategy and avoid wasting the time you


might otherwise spend in post-session editing.

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