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Sliced files do not play


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Hi All


I am new to Slice.


I wanted to use Slice to split an audio file (mp3) that lasts 23 hours. I can split it into files, but when I try to play the files with Windows Media Player or Nero Showtime, they do not play.

I get a message the the file may be corrupt or that the programme does not support the file.

The original file plays fine with both programmes.

The sliced file is just an mp3 file, so no strange format.


When I split a audio file that lasts 1 hour, it does work.

Is 23 hours simply too large for Slice?


What I am doing wrong here?

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Here I am 5 years later and I experienced the same problem. After using Slice in getting 15 files from 1 MP3 file, Windows Media Player would not burn these 15 files.


I used Express Burn and was successful. That was my work-around. I still don't know the problem with Windows Media Player.

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