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Saving recordings

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:angry::angry: I downloaded the trial version of TRx to see if I wanted to purchase it. One of my business' is doing astrological readings over the phone which I then burn and mail to my clients... just started and web marketing will be placed in search engines as soon as I can resolve this problem


When I test it for recording, I got clear indication that the program was picking up the sound.. (volume levels). When I stopped recording the action line showed that it was leveling the sound and converting to mp3 (also tried on straight wav file recording as well) The action line showed that it was saving it... would show that it stopped after about 60 seconds with no confirmation that it had completed copying it to hard drive.


I had created my own directory for it on an external hard drive. Also tried a directory/file on the laptop's hard drive. Also tried the default TRx folder.. The file didn't show up at all... did the file search (use to design web sites and am very familiar with organizing files and folders.


Has anyone else had this problem or any suggestion of what to try...


thanks for your time...

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