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How do blend the beginning of one song to the end of another?


I just purchased MixPad and WavePad myself. What you'll be doing are a few things. First, you'll want to have the songs as close to the same BPM as possible or you'll be blending a short segment--which could sound odd. If the songs don't require a beat match, then you'll want a nice smooth fade which goes from the first track and into the other.


Second, you'll then be fading the tracks into each other at some point, which is generally at the end of one track, and at the beginning of another. Look in your help contents on fading tracks. What you'll end up with, is one track in the first slot on MixPad, and then your second track will be located beneath it maybe about 30secs before the end of the first track.


Hope this helps a little. But the major issue you'll be dealing with is proper fading of a track and making sure you're not fading out too quickly and into the other to prematurely. Search for "Fade Points" on this forum which might help you.


Also, from the help contents:


MixPad can automatically add a cross fade to two clips. A crossfade is a common mixing technique which can help to smooth over the join between two audio clips. To apply a crossfade in MixPad, simply select the clips you wish to cross fade and from the main menu click Clip --> Crossfade Selected Clips. You can fine tune the crossfade by dragging the fade points around to their desired locations.

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