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GR and Noise Reduction


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Hi, just purchased GR the other day to do some vinyl conversions and one or two thing I find puzzling.


In the first place I'm on a Mac, but the Help file alludes to configuration options that don't seem to be integrated into the version I have for Mac, such as "Start recording only when audio starts" for example. Am I being thick or is the Windows version different from the Mac version in terms of features. If it is, then I would have liked to have been informed of that ahead of purchase, because I can use either, I just prefer to work on the Mac.


Secondly and more importantly from my view, are the limitations that seem to govern the noise reduction. On a few records that I've tried to convert, the gates aren't allowing instruments to pass properly, so the track isn't playing right once it's converted, and there doesn't seem to be any way to alter the thresholds. Again, am I being thick or is that actually the case, because if it is, that renders it useless for records that have a very quiet dynamic within the arrangement. Yes, this goes away if I simply switch off noise reduction, but then unwanted crackles and pop sounds seep through, which kind of defeats the object a little bit.


Any advice would be most welcome.


Thanks a lot..

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One thing you might try other than Noise Reduction is unchecking the RIAA equalisation option. Even though it says you have to have it, I've found that on some LPs it makes a huge difference. I've noticed it mostly on albums that were pressed in places other than the US. Give it a shot, good luck.

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