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How do I properly "Build" my videos...


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When I "Build" my video and play it back, the music isn't "Nsync" with the video, there are two different music tracks going on at differentt times.. something isn't playing right......


Also, when I "sequence" or try to "sequence" everything, it doesn't highlight all of my "tracks" that I have in my project. It will highlight track one, and track 3 but not track 2... in which I want track 1 muted....



So when I try to "build" my video to finalize it it asks for for the output format for how I want to save the video... for this I am really confused.


There are the options of







When I click .mpg it gives me the options of "stereo" or "mono".. the other ones won't give me that option.


And there is just so many other things like Resolution,


video bitrate

sound compressor

sound format


Encoder Options

mpeg encoding settings

mpeg2 (dvd standard)

mpeg1 (vcd standard, low bit rate)



Below are the things I am very confused about... and I am pretty sure this is why my sound isn't coming out right...




average bitrate= ("4000") -

Maximum bitrate= ( "9000")



Samplerate= "48000"

Bitrate (kbits per second) "128"


Frame Rate - "30.0"



^^^^ What does all of this mean? How should I save it so it saves correctly? I tried looking for the information on "Help" but found nothing.....


Please Help! I have my sound perfectly the way I want it and I worked so hard on this particular project.


P.S. - I have Windows Vista.

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