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Renaming and saving video clips


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I have a video I am trying to edit into shorter segments. It runs several minutes, but I only want to use a short part of it in a slideshow. So I imported this rather large file into Video pad, and managed to edit the sections I wanted into four different clips. I can right click on each one of the clips, add it to the sequence, but I can't right click again to rename each different clip so I can save them as separate files. In other words, even though I can type in a different name for each edited clip, the large original file name remains "untitled".


So I want to name each clip differently and save them separately in "My Pictures", but am unable to do that, because it says " that file already exists at that location".

I am probably not explaining this well, but while I can edit this video to the length I want it, I can't rename just that part and save it where I want to in my computer, so what am I doing wrong? And why does the sequence remain "untitled"? Can't you name or label each sequence, if so how?


I would appreciate any help you can give.

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To add to this same problem....this vldeo clip I retrieved from a dvd slideshow is about 10 clips lasting about 5 minutes long all together. I copied it back to my computer where it became just one VTS -vob file lasting five minutes.

So I opened Video pad and sectioned out the 1 minute I really want to capture again, edited it into a short clip, changed it to an .avi file and copied it to "My Pictures", where it plays just the way I want it to with my Media player.


But when I try to send it to the slideshow program I want to use it in, that program is still "seeing" the whole 5 minute file. How can that be? So I am wondering why my Media player will play the shortened part...but the slideshow program sees the whole file.


Is there another setting or anything else I can try with Video pad?

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