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I have discovered how to mark the in/out points of a segment. Once I've marked a segment I want deleted..how to I delete that segment? Thank you


Hi Mark,


If you are working with clips, you use the in/out marks to mark the start and end of the bits you want to keep, not the bits you want to discard. You can mark several smaller portions of a clip that way, one at a time. When you've marked the in and out points of a section you want to keep, you click the 'add new clip' icon between the in/out icons, and a new clip is listed on the clip list. That new clip is the smaller bit you just marked out. Do the same for any other segments you want from the original clip. Then select each smaller segment clip in turn and click on the downward pointing arrow next to the word 'clips' above the clips list to add the clip to the sequence. When you've built up a sequence of new clips (or just one if that's all you are after) click the 'build' icon in the top menu to build a new video from the clip(s) on the sequence.


If you are working in the sequence and you want to snip out a section, move the green cursor aolng the timeline where you want to make a cut, then select the scalpel icon to snip at that point. Do the same at the next cut point. Then click on the sequence in the area you want to delete. It should highlight. Then press the delete button on the keyboard. FOOM, just like that, it's gone.


It may pay to copy a video file somewhere and use it as a test video, and cut it up and make all sorts of chopped up video out of it to test the functionality.


Hope that helps a little.



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